LANDR: Master Tracks, Instantly

Posted on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 by

LANDRWith LANDR, anyone can sound like a pro with instant results at a fraction of the cost of studio mastering.

Are You A DJ Or Something?

LANDRThe whole process of creating music can be a long one. It’s more than just singing a song and then releasing it. There’s a whole process to go through, and a whole team involved too. But the music world is changing, and LANDR is helping it do so. LANDR is making it easy and affordable for artists to create and share their work independently. Users can even master their own music by themselves (which is normally a complicated step). Using LANDR is changing the mastering process, opening a world of possibilities for artists. The LANDR team is composed of music industry veterans, award winning mixing engineers, DSP programmers, musicians, producers and label owners. All of which are willing to help, and they know what they’re doing.


Your Music, Your Way

LANDRGoing through the whole process of producing music by yourself may be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. LANDR is instant. To get started, simply drag and drop your mix and get an instant mastered preview for downloading in minutes. Edit that to where you want your music to be, then download and share. What was once an expensive process, is now affordable. Start with free mastering or upgrade to a subscription plan. When all is said and done, your music is what you want it to be, not what others think it should be. Your music will be ready to play along with the best and biggest sounds, and be proud to share it. With LANDR, sound like a pro without paying studio rates or learning complex plug-ins. 


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