Amazon Storywriter: Bring Your Story To Life

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Amazon StorywriterAmazon Storywriter is a free screen writing tool that helps you bring your stories to life.

Happily Ever After

Amazon StorywriterWell that’s not how every story ends, but with the help of the Amazon Storywriter you decide what the ending to your story will be. To start, simply sign in with your Amazon account and start creating. With Amazon Storywriter, there’s auto formatting to basically do some of the work for you. Storywriter formats your writing, so you can stay focused on your writing and not the way it should look. Writers can also sync their work to their cloud account, so you can take screenplays anywhere. You may start on your desktop at home, continue with a tablet on the train and do a little editing at a laptop at work. Just sync everything, and take a screenplay anywhere and everywhere. Even if the technology changes, the formatting stays the same for a seamless piece of work. Importing work can be done by FDX, Fountain, PDF, or RTF and gain access to all of Amazon Storywriter’s great features. When it’s done, export the screenplay in your favorite format. Once you’re done, submit your finished script to Amazon Studios. Once it’s submitted, it could be turned into a book, play, TV series or even a movie! With Amazon Storywriter, you create the story, and they’ll help you finish it.

Amazon Storywriter

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