Lamebook – Facebook’s Bad Boy

Posted on Monday, February 8th, 2010 by

lamebook Lamebook – Ever stumbled upon a particularly lame status line or group name on your Facebook feed list? Yeah, me too. I’m all for people’s right to express themselves, but you have to admit that sometimes users take it too far. Lamebook is quite self explanatory; it presents a list of lame Facebook feeds, status announcements and group names, among others. All entries are submitted autonomously by users, so privacy is taken care of (to some degree).

According to Lamebook’s About page, the site posts “lame and funny pictures, status updates, and other gems found on your favorite social networking site.” Dark humor seems to be a Lamebook favorite, so take these posts with a grain of salt. Here are some of my personal thumbs down posts: Keep on Haitin’, Tuesday TypOHs! and New Kid on the Chopping Block.

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