Kick Advisor: Browse And Shop Sneakers

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 by

kickadvisor1Share your sneaker collection or browse and shop others on Kick Advisor.

What’s On Your Feet Today?

kickadvisor5Kick Advisor is the online shoe store dedicated to sneaker heads. The site lets you browse and shop sneakers in an unconventional way — by looking at the collections of other users. Anyone with a Kick Advisor account can upload their sneakers to the site, sharing the shoes they own with the world. It’s as easy as clicking the “Upload A Photo” button on the home page, although you have to sign up for Kick Advisor with Facebook in order to make full use of the site. After that, you can upload as many pictures of sneakers as you’d like in order to build your collection on the site.


Share And Shop

kickadvisor3Even if you don’t already have a large sneaker collection, Kick Advisor is worth browsing just to find a new pair of shoes that you like. Every image on the site has a description of the type of shoe, and if you click on it you can find out where to buy it. Too often, the sneakers are rare, aren’t available online, or just don’t show up on Kick Advisor’s site. The platform does allow you to better visualize how shoes would look on your feet, though, so it’s worth browsing even if you’ll have to take a couple extra steps to make a purchase. The site is relatively new, but it’s already building up a strong community of sneaker enthusiasts. If you’ve got a collection to share, consider signing up.


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