Karma: Take WiFi With You

Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 by

KarmaNo matter where you are and you have Karma, you’ll always have WiFi.

Is There WiFi Here?

KarmaKarma is a small device that grabs a cellular connection no matter where you are and turns it into a personal WiFi signal. Karma is pretty much a saving grace for your data usage. Karma covers over 460 U.S. cities, so there is always WiFi everywhere you go. Even when you have your Karma with you, feel free to leave it in your pocket or your bag and still control everything from the app on your phone. If you’re feeling nice and allow someone else to user your Karma, you could earn rewards. Either earn $1 in credits or 100MB of free data (depending on your membership). It pays to be nice. With Karma, there are 2 data packages to pick from. The first is Refuel, which is better for lighter usage, occasional travel, backup internet, etc. The second is Neverstop, perfect for daily usage, worry free browsing, on the go work, travel, streaming and much more. Both are able to be canceled at any time. Karma is the next best thing to keep you connected all day, no matter where you are and how many bars you have.


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