ZCast: Live Podcasts From Your Phone

Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 by

ZcastZCast is a great place for individuals to create podcasts, or listen to them. Either way there is always something for everyone.

On Your Phone, Wherever You Go

Podcasts are in demand these days, especially because there is something for everyone. But it seems that podcasts are mostly available while listening on the computer. With ZCast, that’s no longerZcast the situation. ZCast is an app allowing listeners to listen to podcasts where ever they are, they simply need the app. With ZCast, users can create their own cast, invite guest speakers and broadcast to an audience. If you’re not into creating your own, choose to listen in on a live cast. By linking your Twitter account, ZCast provides a list of cast from people you already follow. Starting a podcast is incredibly easy too. Start by providing a topic, and just start talking. While giving the cast, users can interact with listeners and live tweet or adding speakers for more interaction. Any person with ZCast can jump into a stream any time as a muted listener, and invite others. Podcasts are no longer something that you can only listen to on your computer or through downloading/paying. With ZCast, take podcasts anywhere right on your phone.




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