Kamcord: Broadcast Your Mobile Apps

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 by

KamcordBroadcast straight from your phone and watch others with Kamcord.

Going Live!

KamcordPretty much everything we do today ends up online in some form or another. We have our social media sites as well as apps. To keep everything in one place and on one site, there’s Kamcord. With Kamcord, people can broadcast right from their phones, no more uploading to videos to another site or app. Kamcord streamers can use their phones for everything, broadcast about other favorite apps, moments in life, really anything can be shared through Kamcord. There are live streams, chat rooms, ability to hang out with famous streamers and broadcasters can start their own channel on top of everything. Join the stream with Kamcord and start broadcasting.


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