Jobbatical: Tech Gigs Abroad

Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 by

JobbaticalExperience something new, explore the world a bit and use your skills somewhere new. With Jobbatical, you can do all that.

Take Your Skills And Go

JobbaticalJobbatical is a mashup of “job” and “sabbatical”, which means a professional career break where people use their skills and talents to work on something new in a new place, with a new team. Jobbatical is like a vacation from your job, but stillĀ enriching your career. By going on a jobbatical, broaden your horizons by learning to work in a new culture or environment while exploring the world. Those who have participated return with new skills, new insights, refreshed and ready to get back to their jobs and take on the day. To use Jobbatical, it’s easy. Sign up, and start exploring jobs. Search a specific skill set, company, destination and then browse the handful of opportunities provided. If any of the adventures interest you, apply and go through the process, who knows, you may be on your next adventure sooner than you think. Sign up to post jobs if you know your company is hiring too. Jobbatical is a great way for companies abroad to attract talent from all over the world. Skills are becoming global, and Jobbatical is giving todays generation the opportunity to bring their skills to another country on an epic adventure.


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