App of the Week: Agario

Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 by

AgarioEat as many little dots as you can without yourself being eating by the big masses in Agario.

Steer Clear

AgarioAgario is a pretty simple game to play and navigate, but avoiding what comes by surprise is the real test. Agario is an addictive game and app where the only object is to move your mouse and “eat” as many little masses as you can. As the player, you’re a mass with your name inside and you’ll notice that other players are floating around the game board too. Move the mouse in different directions over the smaller masses (it’s like eating them). The little ones are floating all over the screen, but be careful to not be eaten by the big masses. If they eat you, game over. Agario also has a leader board on the side showing the others who are playing. Even though Agario is an easy game to play, don’t get distracted by the little obstacles thrown your way.


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