Incredibox – ‘Out of the (music) Box’ – Revamped

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009 by

Incredibox – Most of you, I’m sure, are familiar with some form of online music mixing feature or another, this isn’t really big news. But then came Incredibox, and my lord, how the ‘incredible’ superlative instantly became a gross understatement. Incredibox invites you to compose your music mix by constructing a track using their offered building blocks (vocals, percussion types, chorus, special effects, etc.). Adding music features appears in the form of an animated singer who moves his lips to the beat or melody of the chosen effect. Once the entire line of singers is ready and the mix is complete, press on the cross shaped “Bonus” button, and you’ll be in for a nice surprise. Incredibox is brilliantly executed in every possible way: animation, ease of use, quality of sounds and the variety of effects are all absolutely remarkable.

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