If You Don’t Know Jewelry, Know The Jeweler!

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Wikinvest – “If you don’t know jewelry, know the jeweler.” – Warren E. Buffett. Personally, I’m not an avid investor but I do enjoy learning about the businesses that exist in the backstage of ticker symbols. Most traditional finance portals do their best to present data and statistics on their page, but only a minor portion of these data is meaningful or understandable to the common investor. Go figure what those figures actually mean… Wikinvest offers an interesting alternative: you can start by the traditional way – typing a company ticker symbol i.e – XOM, C, GOOG, AAPL, or AMZN or you can start with concepts which can be themes, ideas, trends, products and industries. Try the rising price of oil, the crisis in subprime lending, the impact of internet advertising, the success of the iPhone, and the rise of ecommerce. Regardless of the way you use Wikinvest, you shall find out that this investment tool is quite different. I feel as if the information I can gather from ‘the people’ is more reliable. It offers a more down to earth, impartial content and style. Give it a try.

SunLight – AllMyFaves usually doesn’t feature specific products. After all, we review sites, not products. Be that as it may, SunLight is an exception, Why? Simply because we actually gave the SL-2 flashlight a test run and it works remarkably well. While I was out camping  it provided me with many hours (see features for specific lightening duration) of full glowing white light. Another reason for which this product ought to be praised is that SunNight’s objective is not necessarily based on profit only.They are doing it for the environment and for people less fortunate than ourselves – around two billion people still rely on outdated and expensive options for illumination. The SunNight business approach is their ‘3P’s: People, Planet and Profits. My gut feeling tells me that, having a motto such as this one, means that they must be well-intentioned. Now that I’ve given them my thumbs up, the bottom line is quite simple: it is the best flashlight I’ve ever used AND it is solar. Go Solar!

If you have a product and you would like to be reviewed on AllMyFaves, feel free to contact us for further details.

TestFreaks – The internet is flooded with star-rating systems. The problem with many of them is that the people who actually do the ratings are just your average Tom, Dick and Harry consumers who arbitrarily rate things without giving much thought to it or sticking to any particular criteria. In worse cases, many of these sites are spammed with false reviews. TestFreaks is about aggregating all information about your favorite products. They take into consideration professional reviews, user reviews, prices, blog posts, forum threads, news, rumors, manufacturer descriptions and specifications, manuals, videos and more. All this information is calculated and summed up to a FreakScore. FreakScore is a weighted index of the aggregated info. Professional reviews are more valuable than simple user reviews. Older products and reviews are treated with less importance pending on the products’ life cycle. Furthermore, authoritative sources play an important part in the FreakScore. A FreakScore above 8 is great and only a few products get a FreakScore above 9. I recently bought the Nokia E51 following a comparison between several devices. And where did I look up the relevant reviews? At TestFreaks of course! I must admit that it confirmed my assumptions regarding which device I should buy. Today I wanted to buy a laptop, based on my previous good experience with TestFreaks. Inspired by the pleasant experience I had with the cellular device research, I used TestFreaks for searching for laptop reviews and I was a bit disappointed to find out that they lack the proper review accomodation for this niche. How unfortunate..

Savvy Auntie – Aunt-hood, just like parenthood, doesn’t come with a user manual. Parents have plenty of family sites to choose from while aunts are offered a much more limited variety of websites. Savvy Auntie’s mission aims to fill that empty space by offering a site that is dedicated to Aunts. It is a place where Aunts can talk comfortably about  nieces, nephews or friends’ kids. It’s a platform through which any aunt can proudly show off and declare for example that they are ‘a cool auntie’ to their counterparts. It’s a place where one can feel safe about asking questions regarding kids, their health, nutrition – even what they’re into these days – without requiring the advice of experienced moms! In addition to dealing with the child bearing aspects of being an aunt, the site offers a section called For you. As the title implies, it is a section dedicated to the aunts who would like to consider themselves more as independent individuals than merely aunts of this or that child.  Didn’t you know, aunts have just the same needs as moms!

TVtrip – Who hasn’t felt a bit lost while trying to pick out a hotel with only insufficient information and poor visuals as guides, or disappointed by a hotel room that doesn’t live up to the impression it made at the time of the reservation? TVtrip tries to solve this problem by providing a true and objective impression of the chosen hotel before you actually make the reservation. Everything is on video, so you can check out the hotel for yourself before reserving a room. The videos are shot by TVtrip professionals rather than by the hoteliers themselves, which ensures that you won’t receive an impartial demonstration of the place. Although the idea behind this sites is quite clever, they could do better with a more comprehensive and diverse database, as many top European locations are missing, such as Turkey’s Adam and Eve.

FineTuna – Upload an image, add comments and then email or link it to your friends. Your friends can then make additional comments and that’s about it folks…  What I have just described sounds like facebook’s comment features. Although it sounds similar it really isn’t. With Fine Tuna you can add comments directly on the picture or on whatever spot you desire while with facebook you must add it as a separate text. Fine Tuna lets you be more specific and detailed regarding your comments. Despite being a fun service with great potential, I doubt anyone would declare this a ‘must’. Perhaps this could be an attractive application to professional photographers and web designers.

HighNote – Highnote is a streaming music service which offers a selection of great music that you already love along with new songs that they hope you’ll like. They offer interested listeners direct links to artists’ web sites so that fans can be up to date with the latest by their fave artists. Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing new here. It seems that they are mainly based on streaming music from MySpace Music. All the same, it is an efficient and intuitive tool. If you are a music lover you should give it a try. Who knows? You might discover something new in your favorite genres.

Think Simple NowThink Simple Now is a weekly publication on clarity, simplicity, motivation and personal happiness. They give you simple steps towards personal wellbeing by providing you with short, practical and applicable articles aimed at making a positive contribution to your life. The motto behind this site is that everything is quite simple. All you need to do is just be positive about it. So do you want to learn How to be Outstanding?

SkycraperPageWhat is the world’s tallest building? How tall must a building be in order to be considered a skyscraper? If you find these questions intriguing, then you are in the right place. SkyscraperPage is a comprehensive resource for skyscraper and urbanized enthusiasts, featuring unique skyscraper diagram illustrations based on location and height. Try searching a city of your interest and you will find all the facts about the Skyscrapers in that area. At a first glance this might come across as a boring site but you should try keeping an open minded approach toward huge still structures. There’s more to it than you think! I personally found it fascinating; after all, Skyscrapers are a reflection of our evolution as an urban society. Don’t you agree?

FinalNinja – In Final Ninja you play an anime-inspired ninja armed with ‘throwable’ stars, a grappling rope, and the ability to stealth-hide into the shadows. Take control of the Final Ninja and use your ninja skills to overcome his arch.

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