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Fring – About a week ago, my brother (the person behind the content of our weekly faves) repeatedly praised the Fring mobile application. Since I consider myself as the average user (not a gadget/technology freak), I must admit that I’m quite overwhelmed with the vast amount of new applications continuously released almost on a daily basis. Therefore, I wasn’t too anxious to try it out. “What makes Fring so special?” I asked my brother. Sure enough, I found out that my brother’s excitement was indeed plausible. If you use any or all of these: Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM, you will discover that Fring offers the ultimate free mobile access to these applications. It gathers all the important and most used applications in one place. Setting it up is easy like one, two, three: enter your cell number, install the application and the rest is quite intuitive. I believe we are witnessing a cellular revolution. I have even made a free cellular call using Fring – all you need is a Wi-Fi connection at both ends and a cellular device. Can you imagine what will happen when the whole world becomes netted by Wi-Fi? I probably won’t even require the services of my cellular provider;  a simple, cool and smart cellular device will do. This is huge and I think it is here to stay…

Recipe 4 Living – Some of the best ideas come from a sparkling moment of an individual genius. And yet, even the most clever human needs a team in order to Rise Up (Did you know that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were good friends?) But let’s put the geniuses to the side for a moment. We as individuals in a diverse global community can make and exchange great contributions with each other by working together. Recipe4Living is a space for people to come together and communicate about essential related topics such as cooking, thinking and living healthy. Since Recipe4Living is community-driven, they will be more than happy if you contribute your own recipes and tips. Haven’t found your fave dish here? Check out our Recipes FaveLine (scroll all the way down). Bon Appetit!

MashFaceThe moment I entered the MashFace site I was filled with enthusiasm. Right from the start – the intro – I understood I can capture my lips and eyes and place them instead in the faces of photographed celebrities. “This is going to be fun,” I thought to myself. The application works, yet unfortunately my overall user experience wasn’t a pleasant one. The photos took ages until they loaded and the playing tools weren’t as user-friendly as I had expected. Due to poor tools the result was quite dull. I wondered if it was just me, but when I checked the most viewed mashes, sure enough it wasn’t all too impressive. In the sea of unimpressive mashes, I found one to mention – Doggie-Style which was the only one that kinda touched me. Yo! MashFace team: A great idea is not enough, execution is just as crucial!

World Golf Tour – Golf is known as a sport for wealthy people; the equipment and membership are quite expensive and even if you have the bucks in your pockets, who has so much free time? With World Golf Tour you can enjoy an interactive single or multi-player, realistic online golf experience. The virtual world allows players to take their swing at challenging and exclusive courses worldwide while participating in the privileged lifestyle of the competitive golfer. Needless to say, it is accessible and affordable for all (hey! it’s the internet). In addition, through the WGT community you can share information on rules and equipment, compete, create online golf buddies and play for large pursues and prizes. Enjoy the exclusive golf lifestyle. It is almost like the real thing. By the way – For me, it was the first time I played golf and I had a heck of a time. And just in case you are into the real thing, check out these golf online tutorials – you might learn how to swing like Tiger Woods.

PolitiFact – We at AllMyFaves have been following the presidential campaign with devotion, taking pride of the privilege we have for being part of a democratic society. We have encouraged you to debate, to learn, to vote. Now we are bringing you the Truth-Meter. PolitiFact is a project of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly to help you find the truth in the sometimes chaotic presidential campaign. Everyday, reporters and researchers from the Times and CQ analyze the candidates’ speeches, TV ads and interviews and determine whether the said claims are accurate. It seems that this politician fact checking site is balanced (nonpartisan). In addition, they have a great music video “Gimme the Truth“. So now it is time to choose: who shall it be, Obama or MCcain?

RadioTime – When I was a child I saw a TV show about a radio freak. This guy was so obsessed with world radio shows that he installed special devices in order to transmit radio waves from overseas broadcasters. Today (thanks to the internet) it is a little bit easier than that. RadioTime is all about listening to whatever you want and wherever you want. Just choose your location, and a commendable amount of radio stations in that area will be presented to you. their offered information is comprehensive, including direct links to the actual station, live streaming broadcasts and specific genres a particular station plays. As I am writing this blog I am listening to various stations from Paris and Stockholm. It is an inspiring experience. It truly diversifies your music and culture palette. You should try it, and that’s a personal recommendation from me! This Nostalgie Radio Station is dedicated to my father, which is AllMyFaves’ most dedicated reader.

ReadPrint – ReadPrint offers free post-copyright literature. Most of their collection entails authors you probably already encountered in school. I was delighted to find Oscar Wilde. I have read many of his famous quotes although I’ve never found the time to read one of his books. Thanks to Read Print I did it – just finished reading one of his short stories – The Happy Prince. What is so appealing about ReadPrint is the simplicity behind its navigation. If you are into classics, you should also check Project Gutenberg, it is also a great free comprehensive resource.  I must give you a heads up though: the navigation search of Project Gutenberg is far from being simple. Reading can truly change your life – take advantage of it.

Daily Tuneage – On my last blog I reviewed MySpace Music, I indicated that with MySpace Music you can search and listen to almost any song by typing the track’s title or artist’s name. Nonetheless, sometimes you just don’t feel like searching (sounds familiar?). If that seems to be true in your case check out Daily Tuneage – Where you can find an eclectic collection, that keeps on renewing itself on a daily basis.

WebUrbanist – WebUrbanist blog’s collective writers are interested in all things urban; from urban design to subversive art and strange architecture. I personally adore unconventional architecture and innovative design.  That is why I found this blog as simply fascinating. My fave article is 70 amazing houses from around the world. I’d love to visit some of the places they put under the spotlight. Anyone? Anyone?

AtomiKaosA careful click of the mouse may cause a chain reaction that might solve the world’s problems…Intriguing, No?

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