If It Were My Home: Compare Countries

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 by

If It Were My HomeThe world may feel small sometimes, but it’s an incredibly large place. If It Were My Home gives users a way to compare countries all in one place.

Country Compassion

If It Were My HomeBeing born and raised in a certain country claims some responsibility for how we were all raised. Many countries have opportunities and unlimited access to whatever is needed to succeed in life, and unfortunately many countries do not. All these factors contribute to our upbringings. If It Were My Home is an interesting way to understand what life would be like if we all grew up in other countries. To start comparing, select the country you grew up in and the select any other country in the world. It’s more interesting if you pick a country completely opposite your own. Once a country is selected, stats and facts pop up comparing factors of life in each country. If It Were My Home also highlights natural disasters, because unfortunately those are a part of life and can have a huge impact on the way we’re raised. If you’ve ever been curious about how life would be if you grew up in a different country, If It Were My Home is a great place to start.

If It Were My Home

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