Being: Instagram Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 by

BeingThere are a lot of people to discover on Instagram, but wouldn’t it be cool to experience the app the way others do? Being lets users experience Instagram through someone else’s eyes.

What Filter Should I Use?

BeingBeing is a relatively new app for iPhone that allows users to discover new feeds and and experience their friends and favorite influencers like never before. Instagram is all about what we share, but Being is turning that around by highlighting who we follow. Being creates a feed of what Instagram would look like from the perspective of any other user, from friends and family to celebrities and everyone in between. Being helps users discover new content that they would have never seen before. Users can be their friends, someone famous, anyone they want. No Instagram account is needed to use Being, and if a user’s account is private, it will stay private. There is always something interesting to discover on Instagram, but with Being discover completely new feeds and be anyone you want!


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