Howdini – A Life Primer, One Video at a Time

Posted on Monday, March 15th, 2010 by

howdini Howdini –  How To video sites are well established on the Web, and you’re invited to explore the major video Tutorials out there on our Education page. With this point in mind, when a new video guide came along – Howdini – I was skeptic it will be able to offer something better than its more senior counterparts online. Following an extensive Howdini test run I must admit, it’s most certainly a worthy How To player.

What’s so special about it? A couple of things. First, all the videos on this website are HD. Second, the guide-like videos were made by and in collaboration with Howdini’s experts – over 90 of them! Indeed, these guys mean business: “We’re all about bringing together the top, most respected experts in their fields to help us be the best we can be at all of the little and not-so-little challenges of our complicated lives.” In addition, each video is accompanied by a textual section of ‘instructions’ to make sure you receive all the info and not missing out on anything. The result is impressive and totally worth your time. Below are a couple of my personal favorite videos.

How to plan for retirement if you’re starting late

How to grow a green lawn organically

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