Homee: The New Way to Furnish Your Space

Posted on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 by

HomeeDesigning a space can be exciting, but it can also be a long process. Homee is the new way to furnish a space, making the process a whole lot easier.

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HomeeFurnishing a space is like painting a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless. The process can also be a long one. Going from store to store all day isn’t the most exciting. Homee is the way to furnish a space, and it’s a whole lot easier! Whether you are looking for a whole room or just a few items, Homee is ready to help. Start by chatting with a design expert and share your style, budget and ideas. You and the designer will discuss how you the furniture will look in your space before you buy it. If you like what’s found, buy it through the app! It’s so much easier than driving from store to store all day. The designers will work with you until your vision is just right and if you’re not happy with the way the furniture turns out, return it and start over. Homee will even price match the furniture if you find it for less somewhere else. Designing a space can be exciting, and with Homee, it’s 100% stress free.


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