Chosen: Create & Share Performances

Posted on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 by

ChosenEver have the moments where you wished you captured yourself doing something awesome? Now you can, and share them with Chosen.

Let Your Talent Shine

ChosenWhether you’re a singer, dancer, music maker and more, your talents deserve to be seen by everyone! Chosen makes it fun and easy to create awesome music videos and photos to share with your friends. If you believe you should be seen, make it happen. Create, share and discover the best videos and pictures or you can enter challenges that Chosen creates. Get famous, ya never know! Record and upload videos, and add cool effects, and share your videos easily through the app and social media channels. There are so many ways to create videos with all the features that Chosen has. Chosen is also a social network of sorts. Watch the best videos, comment, engage with other users, follow, like and vote on who has the best video. Show your creativity and your talent, and be the Chosen one!


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