Hack N Mod – Tricking Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010 by

hacknmod Hack N Mod – Hacks, DIY’s and mods have become more important now than in the past, with today’s advanced technology. Cooler and smarter phones, more powerful and upgraded PC and Mac operating systems have their benefits, no question there. But as technology generations evolve at an exponential rate to make our life better, making the most out of all these electronics and the Web can be daunting even for the savvy user.

This is where Hack N Mod comes in. Learn how to make the technology and devices you own make your life easier, better and more efficient. Take advantage of the site’s numerous tutorials, tips and yes, tricks to learn how to create a cool device from old electronics you’re not using anymore, or make your mobile phone and PC work for you, in style. Check out the site’s Most Popular hacks section to get started. I found the posts below particularly enlightening. If you have come up with your own hack, and think other users could benefit from it, you are welcome to submit it to Hack N Mod and maybe it will get a post. And if hacks and How-To’s is what rocks your boat, check out our Tips Mini Page for additional resources.

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