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Fuelly – Track, share, and compare your gas mileage. Simply sign up, add a car, and begin tracking your mileage. By recording and analyzing your mileage, you can see how much money you can save with small driving changes. You can also see how your mileage compares with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates and the mileage of other drivers using Fuelly. Tips and the discussion forum also offer ways to save. If discussing cars is the issue, check GasBuddy and RepairPal that have been featured previously on our Weekly Faves. Start saving!

VBS.TV – While YouTube and its look alike give us lots of videos, we’re unfortunately subject to a lot of ‘amateur’ content & crap humor most of the time. VBS.TV is a great alternative TV station that has gripped my attention long enough to stay on it more than 5 minutes (the usual time I spend on most video sites). The creators of VBS.TV are the same guys that have been producing the eclectic, smart, funny, shocking, and revolutionary Vice Magazine. The site is addicting and carries a mix of domestic and international news, pop and underground culture coverage, and excellent music. My latest fave shows include: Shanghai Super Girl, Garbage Island and Black Lips in Israel. This is definitely a nominee for our 2008 most amazing sites. Check our 2007 Most Amazing Sites.

RocketBoom – Is VidoeBlog the new Blog? I don’t think the printed word will ever disappear, however video blogging is definitely increasing. Rocketboom is a three minute daily VideoBlog that covers and creates a wide range of information and commentary, from top news stories to quirky internet culture, with a heavy emphasis on international arts, technology and weblog drama. Sony apparently thinks it is the next trend as they have acquired the advertising rights and distribution of RocketBoom for an undisclosed seven figure sum. I can just hope the content won’t be harmed by this move, Aye to Zed kind of reports should still be in the RocketBoom agenda. Additional VideoBlog’s that have been featured on our Weekly Faves include MobLogic.tv, WallStrip and Mahalo Daily. Btw their blog is outstanding.

Grist – Let’s face it, reading environmental journalism too often feels like eating your vegetables. Boiled. With no butter. Grist believes that news about green issues and sustainable living doesn’t have to be predictable, demoralizing, or dull. Grist butters it up, and even adds some salt to it. The articles are punctuational and not too “serious”. I have enjoyed reading How to green your grocery list – they didn’t just advice to buy organic stuff, it all starts from our consumption rate, we are consuming too much. Check STUFF they talk about our consumption problems and how they effect our planet.

NBC Olympics – The NBC Olympics website offers full coverage of the Olympic games. The site is very useful and is easy to navigate through, it features all your Olympic needs, such as: athlete profiles, daily online blogs, videos, photos, countries participating, sport events, a comprehensive schedule and online results. If you are an Olympic enthusiastic, this is the place for you. Additional coverage is brought to you by Yahoo Olympics and AOL Olympics. May the best man/woman/team win.

YouCharadesCharades is a popular guessing game in which one player acts out the words from the name of a movie, book, song or any such thing and the other players have to try and guess the words. The actor is not allowed to speak and can suggest words only through actions, signs and expressions. YouCharades is an online rendition of the game. Just watch the video, guess what the actor is acting out and enter your answer in the fields below the video. If you can’t answer correctly, try the hint or simply click on the button that says ‘Give Up’ and move on to the next one. A great feature is that you can switch chairs with the actors and submit your charades. Play it alone, play it with a friend, simply play – it is a lot of fun. Here’s an easy one, Did you guess it right?

TikaTok – Tikatok is a place where kids everywhere can become published authors. With Tikatok, your child can write and illustrate stories, share them with friends and family, and even print them out as real paperback and hardcover books. All features except for printing and delivering the books are free, however, prices are quite reasonable – the price of books that I explored range around 15$. What is 15$ when we are talking about an original book created by your own blood.

Smynx – Two years ago, before we started AllMyFaves, I was discussing the internet with my brother. I am bored – I complained, Google is in front of my eyes, however, I don’t know what to search. My brother exclaimed “Why Search“, I will do the search for you and e-mail you interesting sites, from that point AllMyFaves have evolved into a visual directory that brings you the best sites in each category. This story has nothing to do with Smynx apart from the fact that Smynx is for people that are bored and are searching ideas for activities.

LP Cover Lover – “For a while, there was a true ‘marriage’ of two very distinct and different media – art and music. In their heyday, LP covers were an outlet for experimentation, art, fun, social comment, and the power of the visual image to sell you the music that was contained therein. It’s over I guess.” – Bill Walsh. All we got left is to cherish the excellent collection of LP covers that have been compiled by the LP Cover Lover team.

China 2008 – The Olympics are almost over, however, you can keep on competing on and on. China 2008 is a 2008 edition of the classic Track & Fileld arcade game. Go for Gold, I won’t accept less.

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