Assumptions Should NOT Be Made!

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Beijing 2008 Official SiteIt is said that in order to prepare for the Olympic games China invested nearly $40 billion, it is a shame they haven’t invested part of it in creating a fun and appealing official site. The official site is quite dull and lacks a professional touch. However it is still the official site, maybe you will like it – I doubt it. For additional Olympic Faves check our previous post – The Torch Has Arrived.

Favtape – I love this cute music site, and it has nothing to do with the fact that they contain the word “Fav” in their url – btw we are not affiliated. The main feature allows you to import your or Pandora loved songs and listen to them using the Favtape player, this feature is cute as the interface is much more appealing than offered by the original sites however this isn’t why I love them. The feature that captured my attention are the top songs by years and the top 100 itunes – it is so fun discovering song and even more fun that someone else has compiled the list for you. So what is your Fave year 1984, 1988 or maybe 1999?

GoAnimate – Animators need to learn Flash or other advanced software before being able to create anything. They also need to know how to draw. GoAnimate offers you a platform that allows you to express yourself through animation without having to learn to draw or install any software. I was a bit skeptic at the beginning that you can really create animation without the above skills, however, after watching several animations that have been created by regular people, like me and you, I am convinced that it is possible. Are you ready to Dance Off?

RoostSearching for a home to buy, feeling overwhelmed, confused? Roost will make it a bit easier. Roost allows home seekers across the US to search thousands of real estate websites from one place, linking through directly to the original source of information, agent or broker. Just type in the desired location and available properties will be provided. The best feature they have is the search filter which narrows your search into details, and everyone knows that God is in the Details. It is kinda odd that I could find listings of Davis,CA however I couldn’t find listings of New York, NY. No homes for sale in New York? Btw New York is the only location which is missing. Hey guys, why only homes for sell? what about rentals – your competitors DotHomes lists both.

Brighter Planet – Brighter Planet is dedicated to helping you take charge in the fight against global warming and build a clean-energy future. All you need to do is to apply for a Brighter Planet Visa Card (issued by Bank of America , 9.99% apr, no annual fee) and every $1,000 spent in purchases with the card earns 1,000 EarthSmart points that will fund an estimated 1 ton of carbon offsets — that’s roughly equivalent to taking a car off the road for 2,000 miles or powering and heating/cooling your home for a month! For every two base points earned through December 2008, Bank of America is contributing one additional EarthSmart point. It sounds amazing, you keep your regular spending and by doing so you contribute to the environment, however, let me be skeptic about it, the site doesn’t indicate what is the sum that is donated for each 1,000 EarthSmart points. I tried calling Bank of America requesting an answer, the representative indicated that he doesn’t have that figure and he can’t help me. My question is: If I don’t know what is the equivalent payment how can I make a logical decision, if it is worth paying higher interest for environment contribution. Please don’t understand me incorrectly I think the idea is exceptional and worthy. However, I am missing a grain of clarity. I will be happy receiving a comment from Nancy Zylstra which is in charge of Brighter Planet’s press inquiries.

WebVet – WebVet redefines how pet owners approach the care of their animals by bringing together, in one place, everything from medical information and advancements, to original lifestyle and human interest stories, to breaking news and general wellness information. If you love your pet, this site is a must. We are currently working on a Pet FaveLine and WebVet will probably be featured on it, among with Dogster. Do you have any additional pet sites that you want to see featured on AllMyFaves – If you answered yes, send us a comment with the suggested site.

Criminal Searches – I have debated this site with my brother, should or shouldn’t it be available for the public. My brother assumes it is the public right to know who are the people around us. I agree, however, if that is the case why is the following disclaimer written in very small letters in the bottom of the site “The data on this site provides only public record information and is intended for your personal use only. Our data should not be relied upon to determine an individual’s actual criminal record since the offense listed is sometimes generic and could represent several different charges. Assumptions should NOT be made solely on the offense displayed on this web site. Our data includes more than criminal records, such as civil filings and traffic and other minor offenses, so people listed may not be actual criminals. Also, not all criminal records result in conviction, nor do they all provide dispositions of guilt or innocence. Charging decisions made by the State Attorney’s Office or from the outcome of criminal trials should be obtained from the source.” This info is very important, so why is it written in small print, maybe cause the site is called Criminal Searches :-). Search you neighbors but please don’t judge.

Listen and Write – Listen and Write is an interesting online application where you listen to audio clips on the web and type the spoken words at the same time. This will improve your hearing and writing skills.

It’s A Wonderful Internet – An updated version of the classic movie – It’s a Wonderful Life. The updated version offers a nice explanation of how dependent we are on the internet. It is a very entertaining story, superbly put together and excellent narration. Don’t forget to drag on the arrows and the dots. Isn’t it a shame that we aren’t able to realize the importance of something/someone until it/he/she is gone. Internet is Wonderful indeed, I hope it will be here forever.

Fantastic Contraption – It is hard to believe but physics can indeed be fun. The goal is simple: assemble your contraption in the work area (the light blue box) and propel the pink wheel into the pink box. Make sure you read the instructions before starting, this is not a game that you can walk through without instructions. Enjoy the challenge, it is a big one.

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