Glyco Leap: A Smart Coach for Type 2 Diabetes

Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2016 by

Glyco LeapType 2 Diabetes can be hard to manage without any help for many, but they don’t have to anymore with Glyco Leap.

Your Personal Coach

Glyco LeapFor those living with diabetes, most parts of their lives have to be closely managed and tracked. That can also be hard for many too. But with the help of Glyco Leap, those with type 2 diabetes now have a coach that can help them throughout their day and managing what can be overwhelming to many. Glyco Leap helps with glucose control, weight loss and leading a better and healthier lifestyle. The best part, is that it’s all done from your smartphone on an app. Glyco Leap offers personal coaching, easy tracking methods, constructive and inspiring feedback, and understanding of your body and your habits. The program costs $69/month, but you receive over $300 worth of tools from certified professionals. With the help of Glyco Leap, individuals with type 2 diabetes can start taking small steps that will make a huge impact in their lives.

Glyco Leap

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