Globulos – A Strategy Game

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2009 by

Globulos – At first, I thought Globulos was a site dedicated to cute games for kids (perhaps due to the colors and cuteness of creatures). 2 minutes later I realized it was way more than a simple kid’s game – it’s a multiplayer strategy game, offering 20 games in 50 different playing fields. The objective of these games is a bit like the one in chess; predict your opponent’s moves and act accordingly. The game is turn-based; during each turn both players set their strategy. Next, the round plays out simultaneously and the Globs bounce off each other. In some modes, the goal is to push a puck into your opponent’s goal. In others, it’s to launch your cute soldiers to protect the helpless king. Complicated? It might seem a bit complicated at first but if you like strategy games I suggest you hang in there; after you get the hang of it Globulos is pure fun!

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