GhostBombers2: Take The Ghosts Out

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 by

Ghost Bombers 2When you have a ghost problem on your hand, who ya gonna call? GhostBombers2! (cue theme song).

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ghost Bombers 2In GhostBombers2, players become the ghost bombers and they have to blast their way through each level. The concept is easy, use your bombs to blast the ghost off the platforms and catch them with your handy, dandy ghost catchers. It’s easy to play, but after a few levels there are items that you don’t want to blow up, or let break/drop to the ground. There are items like vases, crates filled with certain items and little cute kittens (you wouldn’t want to hurt a kitten would you?). If that a kitten falls, the whole level starts over. If an item falls on your head, you lose a life and you don’t want to lose all 3. When a ghost is bombed off the platform, you have to catch them. If you don’t catch the ghosts, they go back up and you have to start the process over. Each level becomes harder, and the ghosts aren’t as accessible as they were in the early levels. But because you’re up for the challenge, we know you’ll get the job done in GhostBombers2!

Ghost Bombers 2

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