Game of the Week: Racing Movie Cars

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 by

Racing Movie CarsYour dreams of racing those classic movie cars is about to come true in Racing Movie Cars.

Start Your Engines

Racing Movie CarsLots of┬áthe most epic adventure movies have iconic moments and iconic items that people remember for years to come. Some of the things people remember from these movies are the cars. Racing Movie Cars gives players the opportunity to race those famous cars that helped make some movies what they are. Choose from the Mystery Machine, the Batmobile, the Jurassic Park yellow Jeeps and many more iconic vehicle, and race to the finish. Each round you’re racing a different car and every move you make or trick you do, the more points you get and the easier it is to get into first place and win. There are different levels to unlock and races to be had. Fulfill your action movie dreams, and race to first place in classic cars in Racing Movie Cars.

Racing Movie Cars

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