Game of the Week: Dead End Street

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2016 by

Dead End StreetYour worst fear has come true, and the zombie apocalypse has finally begun. Be your family’s hero and save them in Dead End Street.

Dead Man Walking

Dead End StreetThe zombie apocalypse is here and you have to be the hero and save your family in Dead End Street. Your goal is to get from wherever you are to the safe zone in Highland Park. Don’t think you’ll be able to drive straight through to the other end. As you drive towards your safe zone, you’ll be met by zombies who want to eat your brains out. You have to protect your wife and unborn child, so this trip isn’t just about you. It won’t be one zombie at a time, you’ll face many at once, so stay alert. You’ll have access to weapons during your journey, and you get money for every enemy you kill. The more money you have, the more opportunity to buy new and better weapons and defeat the enemy once and for all. Don’t get corned by all the enemies, save your family and make it to the safe zone in Dead End Street.

Dead End Street

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