Finding Rover: Find Lost Dogs Using Facial Recognition

Posted on Friday, September 9th, 2016 by

Finding RoverUnfortunately dogs become lost way to often, but thanks to Finding Rover, returning them to their families got a whole lot easier.

Bring ‘Em All Home

Finding RoverIt can be one of the worst days of your life when you find out that your best furry friend is lost. Many times dogs return home, but unfortunately many times they don’t. Thanks to Finding Rover, there is a better way to lost dogs to their owners. Finding Rover is a facial recognition app for dogs. If you ever lose your dog, the app will do an instant facial recognition search of all lost dogs in the area. Within minutes a generated list of photos of lost dogs with contact information of the person or shelter who has them will appear, then be re-united ASAP! If you are the one to find a lost dog, use the app in reverse. Upload a picture to access the list of lost dogs and find their owners information. Finding Rover is making the process of finding a lost dog more efficient. It’s heartbreaking to lose your best friend, but Finding Rover wants to re-unite you two as fast as they can.

Finding Rover

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