Everfest: Discover The World’s Festivals

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2015 by

everfest5Everfest is a global festival calendar and search engine.

Find Your Festival

everfest1Music festivals have become increasingly popular, with nearly every major city offering some type of large-scale, annual music event. But the world of festival culture extends far beyond just music, there are festivals celebrating film, food, drink, art, and anything else you can imagine. Everfest was built to help you find those experiences. The site lists festivals both large and small, in major cities and smaller towns throughout the entire globe. After signing up with either Facebook or e-mail, the site collects some basic information about you in order to better tailor the listings to your preferences. You can select where you live, how far you’re willing to travel, and what kind of festivals you like — art, book, cultural, faith, film, food, historical, music or performance.


Experience Festivals IRL

everfest3After entering this information, Everfest immediately returns a list of results in your area. You can indicate whether you’ve been to a festival or plan to go, and you can easily save events to your calendar. The most impressive part of the search engine is that it returns even the most specific results. A search for festivals near Champaign, Illinois, for instance, returned major events like Chicago’s Lollapalooza as well as specific, seasonal events like the Heartland Apple Festival in Danville, Indiana. The site’s design still makes it a bit more difficult to navigate than other sites, but the amount of diverse content that it offers definitely sets it apart. The site also places an emphasis on encouraging people to get offline and participate in shared cultural experiences in real life. Even in the digital age, it’s important to remember the value of festival experiences. Everfest is the best place to find them.


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