eSkeletons: Learn about Skeletal Anatomy

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016 by

eSkeletonsThe hip bone is connected to something right? Figure out what goes where, and which bones connect with eSkeletons.

Bones on Bones on Bones

eSkeletonsThere are a lot of bones in the body of animals and humans, making it a somewhat hard topic to learn about. With the help of eSkeletons, the process of learning about skeletons has gone digital and makes it a little easier for students. eSkeletons provides an interactive environment for all to learn and examine the skeletal anatomy through a large osteology database. eSkeletons provides a large database to learn from, and each skeleton page is accompanied by facts about the animal. This site also has other eTools to learn from for other areas of science. All bones are connected in some way or another, so let eSkeletons help you learn about it.


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