Airfordable: Flight Tickets on Layaway

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016 by

AirfordablePlane tickets can be pricey, and sometimes it’s hard to pay for them in one payment. But thanks to Airfordable, you don’t have to anymore.

Month By Month

AirfordableWhen we book airplane tickets, you type in your credit card information and pay on the spot. For┬ámany, it’s not the easiest to pay for tickets in full. But thanks to Airfordable, that’s not the only option anymore. With Airfordable, book a flight but only pay for a fraction of it upfront. When booking tickets with Airfordable, you’ll pay a deposit upfront and then pay the rest of it off with a flexible payment plan before you’re set to leave. To buy the ticket, find a flight on your favorite travel site, then upload a screenshot of the details to the Airfordable site. Then secure your ticket with a deposit and pay the rest in installments. Once your last payment is made, you’ll receive your e-ticket. This is a great way to book your future tickets to anywhere you want to go, no matter the cost. Flying can be expensive, but not with Airfordable!


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