EnviroMom – Living a Greener Life!

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2009 by

EnviroMom – EnviroMom is brought to us by two moms – Renee and Heather. Being a mom ain’t easy, and combining motherhood with a green lifestyle can be a challenge; being green means even more sacrifices and changes. EnviroMom makes this possible “whether you are just starting down the road to greener living or have been doing it for years.” This site is a place where “you’ll find a supportive shoulder.” EnviroMom implements the baby step approach, which is how both Renee and Heather went about it in their personal lives. Making lifestyle changes can’t happen overnight, but it can be achieved over time with the necessary support and encouragement. By proving that the shift is possible, as Renee and Heather have, EnviroMom invites like-minded moms to join in and pull through. Want more? Start by thinking about your garden.

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