Enough: An Audio/Visual Picture Book

Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 by

enough3Enough reinvents the concept of the picture book for the digital age.

Journey Through The Deep Sea

enough2Enough is a new project built by Oakland-based web designer Cabbibo. If you’re anything like Cabbibo, you were captivated by the worlds and adventures depicted in picture books as a child. Enough aims to recreate the picture book experience, taking visitors on a visual and auditory journey through the deep sea. The project, which has an estimated runtime of 20-30 minutes, features soothing music as it guides you through the story of a jellyfish-like creature named Mani. The audio/visual picture book is best experienced with headphones and in full-screen, so you can fully immerse yourself in the world and story that Cabbibo has crafted.


A Digital Page-Turner

enough5Just like a regular picture book, Enough features different (digital) “pages.” Each contains some short amount of text as well as a visual accompaniment. The difference between Enough and a traditional picture book, however, is that the images move based on how you interact with your cursor. Patterns change on the screen and the images move based on where you drag your mouse (or even if you don’t move it at all). The story itself isn’t amazing, but the design is absolutely incredible and the music is a crucial component. Overall, it’s a great, unique project that’s definitely worth reading / clicking through.


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