Egg Watchers – A Watched Pot Never Boils…

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 by

eggwatchers Egg Watchers – Egg timers come in all shapes and sizes, and boiling an egg is hardly a challenging culinary endeavor. The problem is, conventional egg timers do not take into account other factors which may affect the time it takes to cook the egg as you like. To give an example, an egg that’s been put in the pot straight out of the fridge will take longer to cook than an egg that’s at room temperature.

EggWatchers boils down the boiled egg procedure to just a couple of clicks, while ensuring you’re being entertained as your egg is being cooked. When you visit the EggWatchers site, you’re prompt with a few important questions necessary to determine the number of minutes you need to wait for your egg to be ready. Choose the size of your egg, its relative temperature and the degree of your desired ‘egg firmness.’ When you’re ready hit OK, and see what happens…

Egg Watchers

Egg Watchers - Step 1 + 2

Egg Watchers - Step 3 + 4

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