Ecorazzi – Green Gossip

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2009 by

Ecorazzi – Celebrity gossip and news are a multi-billion dollar industry in today’s social market. People the world-over are fascinated with their favorite stars: what they are doing, wearing, and driving and especially who they’re dating. With all this going on, we often overlook how some people are using their fame as a vehicle to highlight and educate on issues important to them.

Ecorazzi exists to help celebrities further their good messages – and to offer the general public a way to follow their favorite celebs. Perhaps by doing so, devoted followers could learn something as they keep up to date with their favorite hot shot. Ecorazzi covers environmental, humanitarian, animal rights, and vegetarian issues as they relate to those in the spotlight. Watch green tips by Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria and Amy Adams. Now that you have heard that celebs, too, maintain a green life, will this act as an incentive strong enough for you to be greener? I certainly hope it does.

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