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DSCOVR: EPICDSCOVR: EPIC stand for Earth Polychromatic Camera and it’s giving you a view of Planet Earth from a different perspective.

There’s A Whole Other World Out There

DSCOVR: EPICDSCOVR is way to see the Earth in a different way than what we are used to seeing. DSCOVR, which stands for Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite shows images of the Earth from all angles. It also shows distance in kilometers and miles and The SEV (Sun/Earth/Vehicle) angle. The continents and their placement are also shows on the globe. When you drag your mouse over the earth, a zoomed in image will appear. You’re seeing some of the images that astronauts see on a daily basis. The EPIC camera┬áprovides a 10 narrow band spectral images of the face of Earth using a 2048×2048 pixel CCD (Charge Coupled Device). Choose to press the play button, and the Earth will start rotating so you can view the different angles of the Earth. DSCOVR is giving everyone and anyone the opportunity to feel like they’re in space for just a few moments.


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