DriverSide – A Complete Car Resource

Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by

DriverSide – DriverSide is an online resource for anyone owning a car. Whether you’re visiting the site for the purpose of buying, servicing, maintaining, accessorizing or selling your car, it provides all the necessary advice, making the experience of owning a car a bit easier and even cheaper. According to a survey conducted by DriverSide, the current recession is likely to cause four out of every five Americans to hang on to their current cars longer than planned. If you consider yourself to be one of the 80% who aren’t planning on getting new wheels, maintenance is always relevant and I am sure that now, more than ever, you’ll appreciate the tools that can bring down your overall expenses. For this reason, DriverSide is a great starting point. So how does it work? Simply enter your car’s make, model and year and you will receive a comprehensive report that includes buying and selling information as well as relevant mechanical questions answered. According to Yahoo Finance, 2008’s top selling car was Toyota Camry, so I have taken the liberty of checking it out through DriverSdie – this is the full car report. Drive carefully.

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