WeSeed – Invest Wisely in what you Love!

Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by

WeSeed – You have to be an expert to invest in the stock market and make money, right? According to WeSeed, that is simply not true – it’s just what the experts would have you believe. Furthermore, WeSeed claims that you probably know way more than you think, you just haven’t put what you know to work. This is how WeSeed explains its essence: “Investing in what you know is exactly what Peter Lynch (a well known investment guru) did. Think about it. You know the industry you work in, which cell phone gets the best reception, which company makes the safest toys for your kids, which yoga mat is the cushiest and what grocery store carries the best organic green beans. You know all of these things because you love them, and this is valuable information.” OK, so you know what you love, now what? Basically, WeSeed invites you to do these three simple things: Get stock ideas based on what you know, learn from others and practice investing with risk-free, stress-free, virtual WeSeed cash. Good luck and invest wisely!

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