Drawspace – Friendly and Practical Drawing Lessons

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 by

drawspace Drawspace – Ever wish you knew how to draw but your best artistic representation of an object came out looking like a squished tomato? That’s my scenario in any case… The will is there, but I was never into going to drawing class and discuss arty theories and abstract definitions of color movement on canvas. I hold the highest respect for those who can and enjoy drawing, I’m just not that blessed I guess. Nonetheless, I was extremely surprised by Drawspace, which can help even the most inept illustrator (or painter wannabe) learn to draw like a pro.

Created by renowned artist, illustrator, art educator, curriculum designer and forensic artist (retired) Brenda Hoddinott, Drawspace is a down to earth, easy and fun to explore website that teaches laypersons all over the art of drawing. Hoddinott’s philosophy is “to focus primarily on the enjoyment aspects while gently introducing the technical and academic.” You can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced tracks, and learn all there is to know about drawing in a stimulating and engaging manner. To give an example, see the picture below which explains the concept of proportions in the cutest possible way. And if you still believe art is a matter of talent, read this insightful article.

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