Digital Vocabulary: How Internet And Gadgets Define Us

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Digital VocabularyDigital Vocabulary takes a look at an extremely large issue in the World today, “Why are we constantly pulled to the Internet?”.

How Many Gadgets Do You Own?

Digital VocabularyTechnology is changing our social life, and our lives in general. Ask yourself one question, “How long can I go without checking social media?”. For many, the answer is a very small amount of time and that is the problem. The Digital Vocabulary project attempting to answer questions such as, “What are the new feelings we experience online” and “How is technology changing our social life and mankind itself?”. How we communicate is continuously changing drastically, and Digital Vocabulary aims to answer many of these questions.

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Talk To Me

Screen shot 2015-10-30 at 10.38.33 PMWe all recognize that many of us are way to dependent on the Internet and social media, and many of us are finally at that point where we are all willing to talk about it as well. Digital Vocabulary is exploring the digital detox. The digital detox is a recognized global trend where individuals are setting their digital devices down and taking a break. The creators of Digital Vocabulary created this project to answer all the questions regarding our addiction to the Internet and gadgets. They researched ordinary users, artists, developers, designers and more to help answer these questions. They have also analyzed and processed technology research materials and thoughts from media philosophers. The Digital Vocabulary project is aimed to give us new words and concepts that will help to understand what happens when we take gadgets into our hands and connect the Internet.

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