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Parent Co.Parent Co. is a site dedicated to all things, Parents and every thing kids. Thoughtful digital tools for parents.

Parent To Parent

Parent Co.I can’t say I’ve experienced being a parent, but I do know that when parents raise their children, it’s no easy job. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs anyone can have. But even being the best parent in the world, sometimes a little help is needed every once in a while. Parent Co. is here to help, and help with children every step of the way. Parent Co. provides three main tools for parents and anyone raising children. First, Notabli allows you to save and privately share photos and videos of your kids. Second, the Parent Co. magazine filled with stories, ideas and inspirations for modern parenthood. And coming soon will be a tool that allows children to explore social media safely. Many of the posts and articles are general tips for parents, but most are targeted toward specific subjects. Some topics include: procrastination, avoiding digital dependence, and even the coolest kids clothing on the market. Some posts are just for adults too, such as: Halloween costumes kids today will never understand. Whether parents need a little more help across the board, or a particular situation needs some attention, Parent Co. has anything and everything they need.

Parent Co.

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