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Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 by

dailymile Dailymile – Keeping track of your exercise, daily meals and other fitness & health related sites are all over the place, and we’ve already featured a great site under this category, RunThere. It’s amazing to see how entire user communities with the same interest contribute to the growth and complexity of exercise log sites. Dailymile is yet another excellent resource worth your investigation if you’re into adding the social aspect to your daily fitness routine.

Guided by the underlining concept of sharing your training, the Dailymile is a comprehensive one-stop place for all things fitness, twitter style. The constantly fed site (as in news feeds) caters not only to joggers (both amateur and pro), but also to swimmers, cyclists, weight lifters and what have you. Beautifully designed, Dailymile is heavily armed with cool features such as user-contributed routes (using Google Maps), important information on sports events, challenges, forums and groups. Log in with Facebook Connect and simply choose your US location. All you have left to do now is to explore the almost infinite training possibilities available, nicely and digitally presented.

Some of my favorite entries on Dailymile include the Manhattan Bridge ride in NY, Run to the Sea in Boston, MA and this important tip on handling dog encounters. Submit your favorite jogging track or cycling route here.

Manhattan Bridge Cycling Route

To the sea Running Route in Boston

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