Crowd Sound: A Melody Written By A Crowd

Posted on Friday, October 30th, 2015 by

Crowd SoundCrowd Sound is a crowd sourced experiment where a melody is created in real time by using the popular vote of the crowd.

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Crowd SoundCrowd Sound is exactly what it sounds like, the crowd creates the sound. The melody people create will eventually become a song with a chord structure of C, G, Am, F, which are then repeated 18 times. The structure that anyone can help create is the same as any other song: verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus and conclusion. The cool thing is, it’s not a song writer or a famous artist doing their own work, it’s anyone who wants to contribute. We can all create and live out our inner singer/songwriter dream. Currently the song is at the conclusion for anyone to add to. The conclusion is a long final section that can include a bridge, solo, or a repetition of parts of the verse/chorus. All the crowd has to do; vote on how the section should end. Just vote for what you think the next note of the melody should be and help create! Crowd Sound allows everyone to be included in the creative process of writing a song.

Crowd Sound

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