CraftBeer: Celebrating American Craft Beer And Breweries

Posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 by was built in celebration of the craft beer community.

The History of Beer

craftbeer3The craft beer movement is burgeoning around the world, but the United States still has one of the strongest craft beer communities. is a site owned by the American Brewer’s Association — a group dedicated to craft and homebrew culture. The organization knows its beer, and it created this site to help explain everything about American beer to the masses. The site includes explanatory guides to different types of craft beer, with tips about style, draught quality, and tasting. There’s also a History of Beer section, giving you probably more background than you ever thought you needed about the beverage.

Find Your Beer Style

craftbeer2One of the most helpful aspects of is its Beer Style guide. The site includes a list of all the different types of American craft beer, from the American Amber Ale to a Vienna-Style Lager. You can click on any beer to learn more about it, the type of foods it pairs with, its preferred drinking glass and temperature, and other information. There’s also a beer style finder with filters that help you find the types of beers that best suit your personal taste. In addition to the Style Guide, also has a section dedicated to brewers and breweries. There are stories about small, independent breweries all around the country — enough to make any craft brew enthusiast start making travel plans. There’s tons more great content on the site for anyone that’s interested in learning more about craft beer.



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