Citymapper: The Ultimate Transit App

Posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 by

CitymapperStop switching between all your travel/transit apps and just download Citymapper.

How Do I Get There?

CitymapperCities can be hard to navigate, whether you live there or are just visiting. Citymapper is the ultimate transit app that uses open transport data for easy navigation around every city. Until now, we’ve had to use a few different transit apps to get around, the Citymapper was built for commuters and their daily needs. This one app has all transit features commuters need. Directions have also been improved. With other sites and apps, users are given directions that aren’t always the most direct, but Citymapper gets you from point A to B with routes that people actually use in the city. Data is being updated constantly and is always growing to help commuters get to where they need to go. The data also comes from others including: Google, Apple, OpenStreetMaps, Foursquare, Uber and many more. Stop opening every app on your phone and traveling all over the city just to go a few miles away, download Citymapper and get to where you need to be.


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