Snapchatters: Who to Follow on Snapchat

Posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 by

SnapchattersSnapchat has taken over the world and we all have it, but make sure to head over to Snapchatters to find out who you should be following.

Which Filter Should I Use?

SnapchattersMost people who have a smartphone, uses Snapchat. This app has taken over from tweens to grandma and grandpa. But now, there is more to do that snapping with friends. Celebrities have taken to this app just as quickly, sharing their daily lives with everyone. But are you following the right people on Snapchat besides your friends? Snapchatters has provided a carefully selected list of who we should all be following. Snapchatters’ list has celebrities we didn’t know were using the app, as well as other influential individuals who snap some pretty cool things. These snappers have a variety of content from all around the world, making you want to re-watch their stories over and over. Users can also submit their favorite Snapchatters, if they believe everyone would enjoy their content. Follow more than your friends, let Snapchatters expand your world and see what others are snapping.


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