Chocri – Personalization At Willy Wonka’s Factory

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 by

chocri Chocri – Everything is customized these days. We just love the idea of accentuating our individuality in a sea of people and information. I am all for it, actually. But when personalization enters the world of chocolate, that’s a whole different (and sweet) ballgame worth discussing.

Chocri is a German startup that has been operating for two years now, and this year they’ve branched to the US. High quality Belgian chocolate is their specialty, and they invite you to “customize your own chocolate bar here on our website. You get to choose a base chocolate (white, dark or milk chocolate), and then your favorites out of more than 100 toppings.” Do I really need to say anything more about it? Go ahead and help yourself!


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