ChartsMe: Is Your Brain Conservative or Liberal?

Posted on Sunday, August 21st, 2016 by

ChartsMeYou might call yourself a Republican or Democrat, but is that what your brain is saying? Find out with ChartsMe.

Left or Right

ChartsMeFor centuries, the American people have chosen sides when it comes to politics. The majority have either aligned themselves with the Republican or Democratic party. While you may have declared yourself on one side vs. the other, your brain might be saying something different. ChartsMe puts your brain to the test to truly determine what your brain thinks. ChartsMe asks 27 non-political scenario questions to guess what your brain thinks your political affiliation. Make sure to respond honestly for the best conclusion. These answers aren’t scientifically proven, so don’t freak out with the answer you get. Only you can decide which side you actually belong to, but ChartsMe is a cool way to see what your inner self might be thinking.


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