CatchaFire: Connect to Volunteers and Projects You Care About

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 by

Welcome to the New Year with resolutions like keeping track of our budget, cutting down on carbs, and giving back more. Volunteering for your community sounds great but sometimes finding a project that is fit for you can seem a little daunting. CatchaFire is connecting volunteers and organizations so both parties are happy and helping.

Volunteer Using Your Best Skills

Whether you’re a professional looking to get more involved and do more for your community or you’re looking for volunteers to create a video for your latest campaign, CatchaFire is sure to start a fire within you. As Mashable put it “You can build your resume, hone your abilities and help a worthy cause, all at the same time.” If you’re a professional looking to give back you fill out a simple profile including your professions, past work experience such as marketing, accounting, or event planning, and finally causes you’re passionate about ranging from animals rights and the environment to humanitarian relief and senior citizen issues. You can even choose the length of time you want to volunteer either like a few hours over a few days, weeks, or even three month projects.

After completing your profile you are presented with practically endless options of volunteer opportunities. Find projects that are great matches to your past working experience. Filter projects according to what skills you want to utilize during your period of volunteering. Scan through the different opportunities as if they were job openings. Apply, connect your LinkedIn, and even ask questions.

Find The Perfect Volunteer

For organizations looking to find the perfect candidate CatchaFire has a section to upload the project you’re working on and type of people you are searching for. Sleep easy knowing the Catch A Fire team is there to help you in your partnership endeavors, and their goal is to make sure you find the best volunteer for your project.

Whether it’s a few hours or even three months, giving back always makes us feel better, and our communities see the benefits. Find a project or volunteer today with CatchaFire and help take your organization or resume to the next level.

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