Bad Piggies: Rovio’s Vehicle Building Puzzle Game has Gone Online!

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 by

This game is about Angry Bird’s Bad Piggies’ story. On this physics puzzle game, you join the piggies on their attempts to steal the ‘soon to become angry’ bird’s eggs, which is the event that started this blood feud saga!

Revenge of the Piggies!

A couple of months ago, we were happy to introduce you guys to Rovio’s new Angry Birds twist as they released Bad Piggies on the app store. Now Bad Piggies is available for anyone as they made an online version to it. The game takes the physics puzzling gameplay of Angry Birds and adds a simple vehicle building for a more rewarding and more creative experience than anything Rovio has produced previously. Unlike Angry birds you actually have to think on this one, but the funny animations and the spectacular crashes are making sure you will not take it to seriously…

Not your average Pork-chops

This time you play as the franchise’s dastardly green pigs, on a mission to steal the birds’ eggs. To reach the end of each stage players have to construct a vehicle using a pre-set pool of available parts. Construction is simple and intuitive – simply drag a part onto the starting grid and it will automatically snap into place. Vehicles will move on their own according to where you place gadgets like motors, rocket boosters and wheels. While in motion, players can also tap icons to activate or deactivate most of their vehicle’s objects. The online version is not a full one, if you want to enjoy all the levels you will have to purchase the app. But still, you can taste what Bad Piggies is all about for free here.

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