Bubble Globe: Live Local Experiences

Posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 by

bubbleglobe5Bubble Globe lets you book unique things to do with locals in cities around the world.

Travel Differently

bubbleglobe1It’s far too easy to get stuck in the travel routine of seeing the major sights, sticking to your guidebook and following online recommendations for things to do. Bubble Globe has created a way to help you break free from that comfort zone, experiencing cities along with the people that live, work and play there every day. The platform is currently limited to only five major cities — Paris, New York, Barcelona, London and Rome. Within those cities, however, there are a ton of interesting, affordable options posted by local hosts. Next time you’re in Barcelona, you could go on a 2.5 hour walk in Vila de Gràcia with local guide Marta for just $32. That’s a bargain compared to most guided tours.


Become A Guide

bubbleglobe4Bubble Globe also offers experiences that differ from the traditional guided tour of a city. You can filter searches by category — Art, Adventure, Culture, Urban Exploration, Family, Food, Photography, Shopping or Workshops. You can go on a Harry Potter film walk of London, ride a vespa around Rome or join some locals for a pub crawl. Booking can be completed entirely through the Bubble Globe platform, and the funds are automatically redirected to your host. If you live in one of the cities in which Bubble Globe is currently offered, it’s also easy to list your own experience. If you have local expertise, knowledge or skills you want to share with travelers around the world while getting paid, it’s worth signing up.


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