Broken Secrets – The Facts of Life You Need to Know

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2010 by

brokensecrets Broken Secrets – This site is all about learning those odd and marginal, yet totally fascinating facts about life and our planet. Don’t get me wrong; Broken Secrets is not your standard how-the-world-works kind of blog. This is a precious blog focusing on intriguing ‘secrets’ (as in hidden information you don’t know yet) of various topics, ranging from technology and science to transportation and people’s habits, just to name a few. Broken Secrets’ creator Chad produces excellent content that made me want to read all the posts he ever published here. Broken Secrets passed my blog exam with flying colors, and I strongly recommend its RSS feed option – you won’t regret it.

Broken Secrets was featured as a Weekly Blog last week on our Blogs page (each week we present 10 interesting blogs we were impressed by and felt like sharing). Since it was so popular, we decided to give it a Weekly Fave spot.

Some of the posts I enjoyed reading can be accessed by clicking on the photos below.

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